Team CZESKA was created by me and my friends in 2008. We used to play CS 1.6 together, you know bunch of friends playing CS for fun. We always wanted to create a good name for our team, so we came up with CZESKA and that´s basically it.

Team members in 2008 were: Aimati, Increase, Frog, Hiden, DuskoV and Nyjo

In 2009 we started playing ES4U, Slovakian online league. Team members back then were: Jointik, Sunwei, Hiden, DuskoV, Frog, Increase, Nyjo, Manne, Derek, Tysik. These strong individuals were part of a great success. We managed to won the league. At that time there were many other leagues like Undzwei, Playzone, Shifters and ESL where we used to play as well.

Some of these players still playing newer version of CS, which is CS:GO but some of them are gone. What more can i say, we are very thankful for every member of team CZESKA and of course big thanks to our friends and fans.

                                                                          By the way, it was a great fun!